To celebrate Binance’s 5th anniversary, and to add freshness to the world of cryptocurrencies, Binance News recently launched a WODL word guessing game (Binance Word Puzzle Event), which involves guessing the difference between cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain-related English words can earn cryptocurrency rewards. All registered users of Binance can participate in this game, and as long as you guess a certain number of English words, you can win the game. After accumulating a certain number of wins, you can also divide their reward pool!


Where is Binance WODL?

First log in to the Binance app, and then click Home > More > Gift and Campaign > WODL to enter the Binance WODL game interface.

How does Binance WODL work? How to win?

The gameplay of WODL is quite simple, as long as you guess the word within the specified number of times, you can win. During the guessing process, each letter will change color:

Green: means you have guessed the letter in the word and it is in the correct position.
Yellow: You have guessed the letter in the word, but it is not in the correct position.
Grey: means you missed the letter in the word.

In the process of clearing the level, players can try to fill in the word into the card surface multiple times. After each guess, the color of the card surface will change. After confirming, relying on the color of the cursor can show how close your guess is, so that you can More information about this word is available.

Once you have accumulated 5 WODL wins, you can share the prize pool with other winners!


How to get new WODL opportunities?

What if the opportunity runs out? You can play twice a day during the event, but after the first game, click “Get New WODL” to share, after the shared link is clicked, you can get an extra chance, and you can finish the second guess game. Specific steps are as follows:

Click the “Get New WODL” button
Share to your social media or friends
Someone clicks the link and you get a second chance to play

Where to claim Binance Wodl rewards? How to get it?

Rewards won by WODL will be distributed after the event ends, and you can go to the Gift & Campaign -> Reward Center in your account to redeem vouchers at that time. The voucher is only valid for 14 days, remember to redeem it in time.


Isn’t it interesting that as long as you get 5 correct answers or more during the event period, you are eligible to share Binance’s current rewards (sometimes uCash, sometimes a project’s tokens) with other players?

If you can’t find the answer, click here and join the BN WODL community below, you can get free skills here, and you can also communicate with many talents!

Telegram link: https://t.me/apis_go

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