Skill 1

Look at the weekly activity theme and associate related words.


Skill 2

For the first time, try to enter vocabulary with as many vowels as possible, so that it is convenient to confirm which letters are contained in the word.

for example:
5 letters, enter Korea (including 3 vowels)
6 letters, enter Invest/forest etc.


Skill 3

After trying out the yellow or green letters, you can use online dictionary to find the answer.

For example:

You get a 6-letter word, now confirming that the first digit is c and the last 2 digits are t & o, then by entering c???to at http://m.iciba.com/, you can find those beginning with c, 6 letter words that end with t & o

Skill 4

In Binance WODL, the word answer will only appear in the three specified articles.

The news articles of each issue have links in the event introduction, and you only need to read them carefully to find them.


If I still could not find the answer?

Join telegram group and figure out with us https://t.me/apis_go

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